(Consulting New Born & Child Specialist 

Ex.C.A.-P.D. Hinduja Hospital)

Dr Sanjay S Vagghani

M. D. (Paed) D.C.H., F.C.P.S.

  • Honorable consultant in Allianz hospital Nallasopara.
  • Honorable consultant in Vasai municipal hospital.
  • Honorable consultant & lecturer in Dube medical college& hospital.
  • Running successfully own hospital in vasai name as “Astha Hospital”.
  • Treasurer of Vasai Medical Association.
  • Running successfully own hospital in Nallasopara name as “Om Hospital”.
  • Member of IAP.
  • Exclusive one of the best pediatric & intensive work in vasai.
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Facilities at our Hospital

Our pediatricians have extensive training and expertise in managing pediatric diseases and conditions across various medical specialties.

New-Born Consulting
We offer specialized newborn consulting services to provide parents with the guidance, support, and reassurance they need during this precious time.
Treatment Of All Pediatric Diseases
Our experienced team of pediatricians specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of pediatric diseases and conditions.
consumer-behavior (1)
Behavioural Disorders
We understand the complexities of behavioral disorders in children and the significant impact they can have on their lives and the lives of their families.
Developmental Pediatrics
Our Developmental Pediatrics Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and management of developmental delays and disorders in children.
General Paediatric Care
During these visits, our pediatricians conduct routine screenings, physical examinations, and vaccinations to ensure that your child is meeting developmental milestones and staying healthy.
Psychiatric Care
Our specialized psychiatric care services are tailored to address a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and psychological challenges that young individuals may face.
OPD Consultations/ IPD Admissions
Blood & Urine Test & Histopathology
Check-up for baby
Phlebotomies/ Blood sampling by experts
Vaccination for Neonates, Children & Adolescents

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